OneStat ® Website Analytic Tool – Reviewed


OneStat Offers E-Commerce Analytics at Competitive Prices

With OneStat web analytics, you can collect real-time data about your site visitors, including page views, clickpath analysis, and geographical location, for as little as $125 per year. OneStat also provides advanced tools for analyzing the performance of advertising campaigns. How can you improve your PPC ads? What is the ROI of your new affiliate marketing campaign? OneStat has the answer to these questions and more with e-commerce plans that start as low as $467 per year.

However, don’t expect innovation with OneStat. The tools and features remain basic compared to other analytics providers. And consistent reports of performance issues with the OneStat software suggests that looking at more expensive programs might prove worth the investment.


Features and Tools Available in OneStat

Through the OneStat user interface, you can access basic data and create reports that summarize visitor behavior and analyze search engine activity. You can also access tools to get a deeper sense of visitor behavior on your site. And with OneStat’s higher-level plans, you can gain access to tools for monitoring your ROI on paid campaigns.

  • Clickpath Analysis: this tool helps you understand how visitors are moving through the pages on your site by translating their paths into vivid, easy-to-understand graphics. These graphics can then be exported as reports to be used in team meetings and marketing evaluations.
  • Drill Down: one of the most beloved Google Analytics tools has been replicated by OneStat, allowing you to dig into increasingly specific levels of data with the click of a button.
  • Track Revenue and ROI: OneStat understands that e-commerce website performance always traces back to revenue and profit, and because of that, they provide tools to help you track the performance of your PPC, organic, email, and affiliate campaigns. Balance cost with conversions better than ever before with OneStat’s ROI tracking tools.
  • Click Fraud Monitoring: if you operate PPC campaigns, you understand the danger of fraudulent clicks. Before you know it, your whole budget has gone down the drain and you haven’t gotten anything in return. OneStat offers a monitoring tool that analyzes IP addresses in conjunction with related data to identify potential frauds in real-time and alert you.


Who Should Use OneStat

OneStat will prove most useful to business owners who are looking to track ROI for online marketing campaigns. Whether you’re running a PPC campaign or an e-commerce website, OneStat will help you to optimize your spend and collect detailed conversion data.

General website owners and SEO professionals will most likely not find OneStat preferable to other web analytics services because of its lack of innovative tools, its relatively archaic graphic interface, and its struggles with performance issues.


Pricing & Plans for OneStat

OneStat offers a variety of plans and pricing options, depending on your budget and the services you need.

  • OneStat Pro: includes standard-level metrics on visitor behavior including drill down tool, and exportable reports. Prices start at $125/year
  • OneStat Premium: includes professional-level metrics on visitor behavior as well as SEO tools such as top search keywords. Prices start at $275/year
  • OneStat AdWorks: geared for companies running PPC campaigns, this plan includes tools for optimizing ad performance, including clickfraud detection, as well as professional-level metrics on visitor behavior. Prices start at $467/year
  • OneStat eBusiness: companies with large e-commerce websites will find this plan suited to their needs, as it includes advanced-level metrics on visitor behavior, extensive search engine analysis for both organic and paid search results, tools for optimizing PPC campaigns, and a variety of reporting features. Prices start at $560/year
  • OneStat Platinum: for businesses looking for greater control over their web analytics data, the Platinum plan includes advanced-level metrics plus the segmentation tool, useful for dividing customer data into demographics and behavior groups. Prices start at $1870/year
  • OneStat Enterprise: this is OneStat’s premiere plan, intended for businesses that need a company-wide analytics program that will be accessed by multiple users in multiple departments. In addition to the advanced features available in the Platinum plan, the Enterprise plan also includes the ability to automate custom reports and manage access for multiple users. Prices start at $3400/year
  • UpTrends.Com Service: OneStat operates a server and website monitoring tool called UpTrends, which checks the uptime of your site using multiple international checkpoints and sends you automated reports when your site is down. Prices start at $125/year


The total price of each plan depends on the number of page views that need to be tracked. The starting level Pro, Premium, Adworks, and eBusiness plans cover up to 250,000 page views per month. The starting level Platinum and Enterprise plans cover up to 1 million page views per month. Additional page views incur a fee.


How to Select the Right Plan

To find the right OneStat plan for you, consider your online marketing goals, your budget, and your total page views. Are you running PPC campaigns? If so, then consider the AdWorks, eBusiness, Platinum, and Enterprise plans. Do you just want to know more about the visitors on a low-traffic website? If so, then the Pro or Premium plan is probably right for you.

Although the OneStat plans are reasonably priced, you might find that some of the higher-level plans do not fit within your budget. Finally, if you have a high traffic website with a lot of page views per month, this could affect the overall cost of the plan and should be taken into consideration before purchasing.

OneStat offers a free 14-day trial for all of its plans, as well as online demos so that you can see the program in action before making a final decision. It is recommended that you take advantage of the demos and the trial version, so that you can make an educated decision about whether or not OneStat is right for you.


How to Get Started with OneStat

Like most web analytics programs, OneStat is a hosted solution, meaning that you access it through an online portal rather than installing software on your server or hard drive. OneStat is also very easy to set up on your site. Just add a snippet of JavaScript code to your website header and the data will start pouring into your OneStat interface immediately.


The Advantages of OneStat

OneStat provides the advantage of real-time data and customizable reports, as well as advanced e-commerce tools and free customer support.

Real-Time Data Monitoring: although this is a standard feature across most paid analytics services, it does provide a distinct advantage over free services such as Google Analytics. Instead of waiting up to 24 hours for data, OneStat allows you to see data about your site visitors as it happens.
Customizable Dashboard and Reporting: OneStat allows you to rearrange the user interface so that you only see the information you want to see, while customizable reports allow you to run data for a variety of metrics.
Advanced Ecommerce Tools: monitor fraudulent clicks on PPC campaigns and track ROI with OneStat’s advanced ecommerce tools.
Free Customer Support: whereas some of OneStat’s competitors add an additional fee for support plans, OneStat offers free customer service and technical support during the life of your plan.


The Disadvantages of OneStat

Despite OneStat’s advantageous real-time reporting and unique e-commerce tools, the program is plagued by performance issues and lack of innovation.

Performance Issues: users of OneStat have reported chronic performance issues that affect the quality of their experience. One of the major issues is reporting inaccuracies, with users reporting that site visitor data, including geographical location, often comes out incorrect.
Site Loading Speed: the JavaScript snippet required to implement OneStat has been known to affect site loading speed, by as much as 1-2 seconds, which, in turn, can negatively affect search engine rankings.
Outdated Dashboard: while many of OneStat’s competitors have invested in cutting-edge graphic interfaces, OneStat’s Dashboard and reporting graphics appear visually clunky and out-of-date in comparison.
Lack of Innovation: OneStat has not invested in innovative tools such as heat maps and advanced segmentation, relying instead on basic, time-tested tools and features.


Frequently Asked Questions about OneStat

“What kind of technical support does OneStat offer?”

OneStat offers a detailed online Customer Support portal with tutorials and FAQ pages, as well as specific resources for login issues and billing uses. Additionally, every OneStat plan comes with free Customer Service and Tech Support accessible via email/phone. Unfortunately for American customers, OneStat only provides international calling numbers.

“Who do I contact when I’m ready to purchase a OneStat plan?”

OneStat offers an easy online signup process when you’re ready to proceed with a plan. Simply, select the plan you want and sign up for a free 14-day trial. After the 14 days expires, you’ll have the option to extend the services and sign up for an annual plan.

“Is there a refund policy or a money back guarantee?”

After the initial 14-day free trial, OneStat will not provide refunds on any of its annual plans.

“Does OneStat offer a mobile app?”

No, OneStat does not offer a mobile app. However, it’s online Dashboard is mobile optimized so that you can access it on your phone or tablet.

“Is OneStat a hosted solution?”

Yes. No software required. Simply installed the JavaScript snippet on your website and then log into the online Dashboard for data, tools, and reports.

“Can OneStat track Flash websites?”

Yes. OneStat is able to track Flash sites. They have a script for tracking Flash content, which will need to be installed on the site.

“What exporting options does OneStat provide?”

OneStat allows you to export reports to PDF or Excel.

“Can I block certain IP addresses from appearing in reports?”

Yes. OneStat allows you to identify excluded IP addresses that won’t appear in reports or count against your total monthly page views.



About the Company

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, OneStat has a massive portfolio of 75,000+ customers worldwide, including educational institutions like MIT and Cornell, large technology companies like HP and FujiFilm, and entertainment groups like CBS and the Emmy Awards. In addition, OneStat maintains corporate membership status in the Web Analytics Association, a non-profit organization that promotes research, advocacy, and education efforts for the web analytics industry.



Final Recommendation

OneStat is worth a try for business owners with tangible online marketing goals who are looking to improve the overall ROI of their onsite, PPC, affiliate, and email campaigns. But because of its chronic performance issues and relatively outdated user interface, potential customers are advised to make good use of the free 14-day trial period before committing to an annual contract. And if you’re only looking for basic site metrics and visitor behavior data, I recommend that you look elsewhere. For these reasons, I give OneStat an editor rating of 2.3 out of 5.