Clicky ® Website Analytic Tool – Reviewed

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Clicky Makes Web Analytics Simple

The web analytics tool Clicky, created by Roxr Software, proves that you shouldn’t have to dig through multiple reports and mountains of data to find the information that’s most important to you about your site’s performance.

With its streamlined, visually appealing user interface and real time data collection, Clicky gives you a fast and easy-to-read snapshot of your site at any given moment – which visitors are on the site, how long have they been there, what are they doing – as well as providing you with advanced tools that help you dig deeper into visitor behavior and site performance over time.



Tools and Features Available in Clicky

In addition to providing essential site data, such as bounce rate and number of visitors, Clicky has a selection of advanced tools that will allow you to look at your site in new ways. Whether you’re trying to learn more about your site visitors or monitor what they’re doing when they’re on your site, Clicky has the keys to unlocking these secrets:


  • Spy: One of Clicky’s most popular features also has the most intriguing name. When you click on the Spy tool, you will be provided with an unprecedented amount of real-time data about your site. Not only will you find out how many visitors are currently on the site, you will also see detailed data about each one, including the browser and operating system they’re using, their IP address, and their geographic location.
  • Heatmaps: One feature that really separates Clicky from other web analytics programs is that it provides its own heatmap software for you to use. Turn on the heatmap to see where site visitors are clicking, what they’re engaging with, and what they’re ignoring. Plus, you can also create unique rules for the heatmaps to compare visitor behavior over time.


  • Stats Widget: When you’re logged into Clicky, you’ll see a small black box pop up at the bottom your website that provides you with essential real-time statistics about your site, such as how many visitors are currently on the site and how many are viewing the current page. This widget is only visible to you, not your site visitors.


  • Video Analytics: If you have video content on your site, Clicky can tell you how many site visitors have viewed the videos, as well as how many people have paused the video, skipped ahead, and/or finished it. This tool applies to videos that are self-hosted and videos that are embedded from external sites such as You Tube or Vimeo.


  • Uptime Monitoring and Alerts: The last thing you want is for your site to go down without you knowing about it. Clicky has two helpful tools to prevent this from happening. The Uptime Monitoring tools checks the status of your site on a constant basis using multiple servers. If Clicky ever has reason to believe that your site has gone down, it will immediately send you an email and/or desktop notification using the Alert tool.



Who Should Use Clicky

Clicky is so user-friendly that it can be a valuable tool for any type of website owner or web marketing professional. Whether you’re a small business owner with an e-commerce site or an SEO pro needing to monitor multiple sites, Clicky has tools that will be helpful to you.

Clicky will prove most helpful for websites that have clear conversion goals. Like most web analytics tools, Clicky becomes most useful when you have specific goals you want to accomplish with your site. Whether it’s having site visitors fill out a form, click on a link, or watch a video, Clicky will show you how often your conversions occur and how to increase the likelihood of conversions in the future.



Plans & Pricing for Clicky

Whether you’re looking for a free plan to test out web analytics or a paid plan that can handle more sites and provides more advanced features, Clicky has options for practically everyone:

  • Free: the Free plan allows you to track 1 site with a max of 3,000 daily page views and provides access to Clicky’s Basic Features, but not the Premium Features, Heatmaps tool, or Uptime Monitoring tool.
  • Pro: the Pro Plan allows you to track up to 10 sites and 30,000 daily page views. In addition to the Basic Features, you will also have access to Clicky’s Premium Features. The Pro Plan costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year, a savings of nearly $40.
  • Pro Plus: the Pro Plus Plan has the same features as the Pro Plan, but you also have access to Clicky’s Heatmap and Uptime Monitoring tools. The Pro Plus Plan costs $14.99 per month or $119.99 per year, a savings of nearly $60.
  • Pro Platinum: the Pro Platinum Plan enables monitoring of up to 30 sites and 100,000 daily page views, and provides access to all Basic and Premium features, Heatmaps, and Uptime Monitoring. The Pro Platinum Plan costs $19.99 per month or $159.99 per year, a savings of nearly $80.
  • Custom: Clicky also offers Custom plan options for more advanced members looking to monitor up to 1,000 sites and up to 10,000,000 daily page views, while providing access to all features. Prices for Custom plans vary based on specific needs.


Which Clicky Plan is Right For You

The two biggest factors to consider when choosing a plan are your budget and your needs.

  • Do you have an unlimited budget and a need to track premium data on more than 10 sites? Then the Pro Platinum plan is perfect for you.
  • Do you just want to track basic data on a couple sites and don’t have need for heatmaps or uptime monitoring? Then the Pro plan is probably your best option.


  • If you’re just starting out with web analytics or thinking about switching to Clicky from another program, you should consider the Free account at first.

You can always switch to a paid account to access more features once you know Clicky is right for you.



The Advantages of Using Clicky

Compared to other web analytics tools, Clicky offers several unique advantages for monitoring website performance:

User-Friendly: Clicky is so user-friendly that it can be a valuable tool for any type of website owner or web marketing professional.
Real-Time Data: Unlike Google Analytics, where data is delayed by 24 hours or more, Clicky offers real-time site data.
Mobility: with Clicky’s convenient app, you can access most monitoring features on your phone or mobile device.
Comprehensive Features: instead of using multiple programs to get all the tools you need, Clicky provides everything in one place: site data, heatmaps, uptime monitoring, and more.
Convenience: With Clicky’s convenient widgets, you can access site data on your own website without going through the Clicky site.
Track All Site Content: In addition to tracking page views, you can also track how site visitors interact with video content and even Ajax and Flash content by embedding a bit of JavaScript code.



The Disadvantages of Using Clicky

Although Clicky offers a lot of advanced features, it also has some notable limitations that some users might find frustrating:

Performance Issues: long-time users of Clicky have reported performance issues affecting speed. However, most of these issues seems to have been solved by recent updates to Clicky’s software.
Data Limitations: one of the major criticisms of Clicky is that it doesn’t go as deep as Google Analytics in its data collection, preferring to provide a quick overview of essential data rather than multiple pages of advanced metrics. There are also some events that are not tracked by Clicky, such as RSS feed subscriptions, which are tracked by other services.
Fewer Reporting Options: compared to Google Analytics and other web analytics programs, Clicky provides a smaller range of reporting options. Basic report types are available, but there are fewer customization options than with Clicky’s major competitors.
File Export Limtations: when exporting a report in Clicky, you can only export as a CSV, XML, or Excel file. This is a smaller range of options than other web analytics programs. The lack of PDF exporting is a particular concern for some users.


Frequently Asked Questions about Clicky

“How much does Clicky cost?”

There is a free version of Clicky that allows you monitor one site and allows access to basic features. Or you can opt for paid plans that monitor more sites and provide access to advanced features. Paid plans range from $79.99 to $159.99 per year.

“Can I use Clicky on a secure site (HTTPS)?”

Yes! Clicky will work on secure sites if you use one of the paid plans. The free plan will not work on secure sites.

“Does Clicky offer API functionality? “

Yes! Clicky has its own Analytics API that enables exportation of website data into a variety of formats so that you can manage the data within your own application.

“Is Clicky’s data accessible to the general public?”

That’s up to you. By default, your stats can only be seen by you when you’re logged into your Clicky account. But in the Site Preferences section, you can enable “Public Stats” if you’d like to make your information public.

“What kind of support does Clicky provide?”

You can access customer support for Clicky through email, as well as through their online Knowledge Base and Discussion Forums. Clicky has a reputation for strong customer service and typically replies to emails in an hour or less during business hours.



Clicky Vs. Google Analytics



About Clicky® Company

Clicky is created by Roxr Software, a small software development company located in Portland, Oregon that has been around since 2006. Clicky is Roxr’s flagship product and has gained them a stellar reputation in the web analytics industry because of Clicky’s excellent features and relative affordability. In addition, Roxr has earned applause from other web marketing providers because of Clicky’s White Label Service, which allows companies to brand Clicky as their own product and resell it to their customers.



Final Recommendation

Because of its immediate access to real-time site data and its versatile range of tools, Clicky earns a strong 4 out of 5 rating. Like many other web marketing pros, I recommend using Clicky in conjunction with Google Analytics, because, while Clicky doesn’t go quite as deep as Google Analytics with its metrics, it provides easier access to essential information and a wider range of features, including Heatmaps and Uptime Monitoring. When it comes to web analytics, Clicky definitely makes it look easy.