VisiStat ® Website Analytic Tool – Reviewed


VisiStat Grows Businesses with Advanced E-Commerce Tools

If the success of your website depends on lead generation, VisiStat is a unique web analytics software that can help build your customer base.

Providing tools to capture detailed info about site visitors, including contact info and business name, as well as automated services to import leads into your CRM and contact leads more quickly, VisiStat functions more like a sales software than a traditional marketing software.

And if your business currently runs PPC campaigns and email marketing campaigns, VisiStat has tools to help you track conversions and perform diagnostics to optimize your campaigns.


Features and Tools Available in VisiStat

In addition to its standard reporting features, which provide real-time web analytics such as visitor data and traffic sources via an easy-to-use graphic interface, VisiStat also offers a variety of more advanced tools to enhance your marketing campaigns and better understand your customers.

  • LeadCaster: this sophisticated lead capture service can provide you with detailed information about the individuals and businesses that are visiting your site, even if they don’t fill out a form. LeadCaster also allows you to import the leads into your CRM, score the lead according to certain prefixed parameters, and set up automated email alerts.
  • Hosted Form Builder: the easy drag-and-drop interface allows you to build customized forms in a matter of minutes and embed them on your site. You can connect these forms to your CRM and VisiStat Analytics.
  • AdCam: if you’re running off-site online marketing campaigns—PPC, email marketing, retargeting, mobile ads, etc—this conversion tracking tool will help you to analyze how those campaigns are performing.
  • Pulse: this monitoring tool provides a variety of alerts and recommendations for optimizing your website. If you can’t make sense of the data on your own, Pulse will help you by providing concrete suggestions.
  • Touch Mapping: this heat map tool indicates where site visitors click and engage on your pages, so that you can better understand visitor behavior and optimize accordingly.


Who Should Use VisiStat

VisiStat will prove very useful for owners of ecommerce and lead generation websites because of its lead capture and conversion tracking tools, as well as its hosted form builder. Any small to medium sized businesses looking to build their client base will find VisiStat a valuable investment because of its low cost monthly and annual plans.

VisiStat also offers unique benefits for businesses using a CRM to manage their leads because of its advanced integration. You can combine analytics and lead management into one system.

SEO Professionals and website owners who are just looking for an analytics program should not invest in VisiStat. Although the graphic interface makes the data easy to read, that doesn’t justify the price tag vs. a free system like Google Analytics, which provides essentially the same data.


Pricing & Plans for VisiStat

VisiStat offers a range of monthly and annual plans, depending on whether you’re purchasing for individual or company use. There are no free plans, so VisiStat recommends that you take advantage of their 14-day free trial option to ensure that the service is right for you.

Consumer Plans

If you’re purchasing VisiStat for individual use, these are the plans available:

  • B2C Airplane Plan: provides access to basic feature, including campaign and conversion tracking, analytics, website alerts, and lead capture. Tracks up to 100,000 page views. Unlimited users.
    Cost: $50 monthly/$500 annual
  •  B2C Rocket Plan: access to basic features plus Hosted Forms, Real-Time API, and the Pulse diagnostics tool. Tracks up to 250,000 page views. Unlimited users.
    Cost: $100 monthly/$1,000 annual
  •  B2C Spaceship Plan: access to same features as B2C Rocket Plan, but tracks up to 1,000,000 page views.
    Cost: $350 monthly/$3,500 annual


Business Plans

If you’re purchasing VisiStat for business use, these are the plans available:

  • B2B Airplane Plan: provides access to basic features for a single user. Up to 25,000 page views.
    Cost: $300 monthly/ $3,300 annual
  • B2B Rocket Plan: provides access to basic features plus CRM Integration, Hosted Forms, and the Pulse diagnostics tool for multiple users.
    Cost: $500 monthly / $5,400 annual
  • B2B Spaceship Plan: provides access to same features as B2B Rocket Plan but accommodates unlimited users.
    Cost: $750 monthly / $8,100 annual

Each VisiStat plan covers one domain. To track additional domains, it costs $10 per domain. In addition, VisiStat requires a minimum one-year commitment, regardless of whether you choose the monthly or annual plan.


How to Select the Right Plan

The two main issues to consider when selecting a VisiStat plan are features and cost. VisiStat has features available to help you improve ROI on your marketing campaigns and save much more money in the long run than you will spend on the monthly or annual plans. If you operate a high-traffic e-commerce site, one of the more costly VisiStat plans could be worth the investment.

Before selecting a VisiStat plan, perform an internal audit of your marketing campaigns and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Do you need Hosted Forms?
  • Do you need CRM integration? What else?

The answers to these questions will help you to determine which plan is right for you.

The number of monthly page views you need to track and the number of users you need to access the account will also determine which plan is right for you. Each plan allows for a different number of page views and users.


How to Get Started with VisiStat

Getting started with VisiStat is simple. Just copy and paste a snippet of provided Javascript into the header of your website and the real-time data will start pouring in immediately. CRM integration is simple, as well, and in most cases can be handled by your CRM representative.


The Advantages of VisiStat

By focusing on data that drives business growth, including lead generation and email remarketing, VisiStat offers several advantages over a standard web analytics program:

E-Commerce Tools: VisiStat has the advanced tools necessary to optimize your marketing campaigns and increase your ROI, including LeadCaster lead capture and AdCam conversion tracking.
CRM Integration: by integrating with your CRM provider, VisiStat combines analytics and lead management to put your data to better use. And with its automated email functions, VisiStat allows you to remarket your leads more effectively.
Investment Value: with its relatively low monthly and annual costs, VisiStat proves an excellent investment for small to medium-sized business owners.
LaunchPad Dashboard: although the data provided isn’t as extensive as other web analytics programs, VisiStat nevertheless allows you to view real-time data about your website with their easy-to-use graphical interface, LaunchPad, which is accessible by logging into your VisiStat account.
Live Site Monitoring: when logged into the LaunchPad Dashboard, the Live Site Monitoring tool will show you the visitors that are currently on your site and what they’re doing.


The Disadvantages of VisiStat

Despite the sophistication of its monitoring tools, VisiStat also has a few drawbacks that might discourage potential customers:

Limitations to Data Drill Down: web analytics veterans who are used to the Drill Down feature in Google Analytics—which allows users to access increasingly specific levels of data at the click of a mouse—might find the analytics Dashboard in VisiStat limited. Drill Down is available in VisiStat but it doesn’t go as deep as Google Analytics.
Exporting limitations: reports in VisiStat can only be exported to Excel. VisiStat does not export to PDF, HTML, etc.
No Video Data: unlike other web analytics programs, VisiStat does not offer analytics data on video content.
Limited Selection of CRMs: although VisiStat’s CRM integration tool is a major advantage over other web analytics tools, you’ll want to make sure that your specific CRM is integrable with VisiStat before investing in a plan. Covered CRMs include ConnectWise, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, and Zoho.
Annual Commitment: unlike other month-to-month services, VisiStat makes you commit to a year of service, regardless of whether you choose a monthly or annual payment plan.


Frequently Asked Questions about VisiStat

“What kind of technical support does VisiStat offer?”

VisiStat offers an online Support Forum with extensive video tutorials and training webinars. If you need additional support, you can also call VisiStat’s support line at (408) 725-9376 or email them at

“Who do I contact when I’m ready to purchase a VisiStat plan?”

You can sign up for their 14-day free trial by going here – You can also sign call VisiStat’s sales line directly at (408) 458-9981 or email them at

“Is there a refund policy or a money back guarantee?”

Because VisiStat offers a 14-day free trial, there are no refunds available once your plan begins. Whether you choose the monthly or annual pay option, you must make a minimum one-year commitment.

“Does VisiStat offer a mobile app?”

No. But the VisiStat website and LaunchPad Dashboard are mobile optimized so you can access their services through a mobile browser.

“Which CRMs does VisiStat integrate with?”

ConnectWise, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, and Zoho.

“Which email marketing services does VisiStat integrate with?”

VisiStat integrates with most major email marketing services, including Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Send Blaster, Vertical Response, and may more. For a complete list, see the VisiStat website.

“Can I install the VisiStat tracking snippet on secure sites?”

Yes. VisiStat can track secure sites. Simply modify the url in the snippet to say “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP.”

“Does VisiStat track data embedded in Flash or Frames?”

Yes. VisiStat can track data on flash websites and websites built in frames, but the tracking snippet may require some additional customization. Contact VisiStat tech support for specific solutions.



About the Company

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley stronghold of San Jose, VisiStat has been in business since 2005. With a staff of 30+ employees, VisiStat prides itself on a dedication to customer service. And even though the company has only been around for 10 years, it has made an effort to constantly innovate, releasing new products and services on a yearly basis.



Final Recommendation

VisiStat’s focus on actionable data to drive business growth, via advanced lead generation and conversion tracking tools, gives it an edge over other analytics programs that focus more exclusively on visitor behavior. At the same time, when used for traditional web analytics, VisiStat does not offer much advantage over free programs such as Google Analytics. But overall, VisiStat’s e-commerce features are impressive enough to earn it a high rating. I give VisiStat a 4.5 out of 5 rating.