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A Leader in Web Analytics for 20+ Years

As one of the founding fathers of the web analytics industry, Webtrends has been around long enough to know that customer behavior is the axis of online marketing.

Through its advanced tools and features, Webtrends excels at providing real-time actionable data about who customers are and what they’re doing. However, in recent years, Webtrends has also struggled to keep pace with its more streamlined, cost-efficient competitors. Still, when it comes to taking lots of complex data and turning it into a coherent visual picture that anyone can understand, Webtrends remains at the top of its game.



Features and Tools Available from Webtrends

Webtrends offers a variety of analytics tools that can be used individually or in tandem to create a holistic approach to web metrics. Whether you want to gauge the success of a social media campaign or evaluate the behavior of customers interacting with new digital content, Webtrends can customize a solution for you using the following features:



  • Analytics: the keystone of the Webtrends program is this cross-channel data collection service. Analytics tracks and measures customer behavior on your website, your mobile app, and your social media pages, focusing on traffic sources and traffic paths. Depending on what you want to know about your customers, Webtrends allows you to customize your own Analytics reports, and all reports are exportable in a variety of formats.


  • Segmentation: if you’re looking to differentiate your customers by behavior, demographics, and/or trends, the Segmentation tool makes it easier than ever before. Using a simple drag and drop visual builder, Segmentation allows you to create visual maps of customer groups that can be used to better understand your market.


  • Data Delivery: when using Webtrends as part of a larger strategic marketing initiative, the Data Delivery tool will prove useful as a way of integrating Webtrends with other programs, providing customizable real-time data streams and scheduling data exports. If you need your web analytics data to be fast and flexible, Data Delivery is the solution.


  • Search & Social: Webtrends also offers more traditional data tools, designed to optimize your website for search, evaluate your spend on PPC campaigns, and enhance your landing pages to maximize conversions.

In addition to back-end data collection and analysis, Webtrends also provides tools to actively improve the customer’s front-end experience:

  • Split Testing: using it’s patented Optimize technology, Webtrends can help you to determine the effectiveness of your digital content by conducting a variety of split tests and gauging customer response. Which website imagery produces the lowest bounce rate? Which ad copy inspires the most form fills? Split Testing provides the answers to these questions.
  • Targeting: if you want to create a customized web experience for customers, the Targeting tool can help by tracking customer behavior over time, creating detailed customer profiles and groups, and personalizing digital content to optimize each customer’s experience.
  • Remarketing: if you are using a email marketing service such as Mailchimp or Benchmark, Webtrends can help to enhance your remarketing campaigns by providing exportable customer data that can be used to create custom personalized emails.



Who Should Use Webtrends

The majority of Webtrends’ clients are large Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, HSBC, and Toyota. The reason for this is that Webtrends markets itself primarily as an enterprise solution, combining various departments and operations within a company into a single platform, and therefore it works best at larger companies with big workforces, while its overall cost, in terms of installation, training, and tech support, tends to be fairly high.

The tools and features of Webtrends are intended for large-scale marketing campaigns and long-term strategic initiatives. Because of this, the majority of small businesses and individual web analytics professionals will most likely find that Webtrends does not provide much of a practical advantage over Google Analytics, while at the same time being cost-prohibitive.

If your company conducts complex marketing campaigns aimed at a variety of consumers, Webtrends has features available to take your operations to the next level. Plus, once installed, Webtrends is very user-friendly and can be utilized by anyone, not just advanced digital marketers.



Plans & Pricing for Webtrends

Webtrends does not publish fixed prices because they prefer to consult with clients individually and put together custom plans. Depending on the features of your specific plan, the cost of using Webtrends can reportedly range anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 annually.

Webtrends plans are fully customizable and consist of a specific set of tools and a support package. The cost of the plan will fluctuate relative to the tools you select and the support package you require.

WebTrends does not offer a free version. However, trial versions are available on a limited basis. If you are interested in a trial, Webtrends recommends that you call their sales line at 877-932-8736.



How to Select the Right Plan

According to Webtrends, the way to select a plan is to schedule a consultation session with one of their agents. However, as with any major software purchase, you want to make sure you consider your needs carefully ahead of time and perform a detailed audit of your current systems before speaking with a representative. In particular, consider the following questions:

  • Which tools and features do you want? With Webtrends, you don’t have to purchase a comprehensive plan. You can select individual tools and features. Keep in mind, the more tools you want and the more data you have to analyze, the more expensive the plan will be.
  • How much tech support do you require? Webtrends has two support packages available: Essential Care and Premium Care. Essential Care provides basic support during business hours for 4 named contacts. Premium Care provides advanced support 24/7 for 10 named contacts.
  • Where will the data be stored? If you need Webtrends to host the data for you, it will be more expensive than purchasing the software and storing the data yourself. But the amount of data produced and processed by Webtrends is considerable and you might not have the requisite storage space on your own servers. You should discuss the pros and cons of these options with your own IT administrator before contacting Webtrends.

After answering these questions, you will be better prepared to speak constructively with a Webtrends sales agent.



How to Get Started

Although Webtrends is easy to use once installed, the installation process can prove difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, depending on your in-house IT expertise. Many users of Webtrends report a longer than expected installation process and installation cost. If you are not able to handle installation on your own, Webtrends can provide consulting resources to get you set up. But these resources will incur additional cost to you.

The extent of the installation process also depends on which Webtrends tools and features you plan to use. Some of the more basic tools, such as website data tracking, require nothing more than the addition of a few simple lines of code to the backend of your site. But if you plan to use the more advanced tools, such as Data Delivery, Segmentation, and Targeting, expect an extensive installation process and inevitable long-term troubleshooting.



The Advantages of Using webtrends

Through its sophisticated selection of analytics services, Webtrends provides many distinct advantages over its competitors:

Visual Appeal: Webtrends offers a trademark user interface that’s smooth, stylish, and easy to use, as well as a unique storyboard mode that allows you to transfer data into attractive, easy-to-read layouts.
Customization: Webtrends prides itself on being fully customizable. Choose the tools in your plan. Choose the data fields you want to track. Choose what reports to formulate. With Webtrends, you can choose practically everything.
Integration: as an Enterprise software, Webtrends is designed to integrate with a wide variety of third party programs, making it an ideal centerpiece for large-scale marketing campaigns.
Advanced Demographics: with its advanced, real-time data collection tools, Webtrends allows you to know your customers better than ever, and then to segment and target those customers with customized content.
Join an Impressive Roster of Clients: when you sign up for Webtrends, you follow in the footsteps of several elite brands, including Microsoft, Barclay’s, Domino’s, and Aetna.



The Disadvantages of Using Webtrends

Despite the innovativeness of their software, Webtrends also has several drawbacks that could prove prohibitive to potential customers:

Expensive Support Options: although Webtrends offers basic support for free through its online Knowledge Center and User Forums, the full support plans cost an additional fee.
Difficult Implementation Process: many users of Webtrends have reported that the implementation process for the more advanced tools and features took longer than projected and required significant troubleshooting with the Webtrends support team.
Data Limitations: when customers have JavaScript or cookies disabled on their computer, Webtrends is unable to collect data about their identity and behaviors. Depending on your customer base, this could significantly reduce the amount of actionable data you get from Webtrends.
Exporting Limitations: reports can be exported from Webtrends as Excel, XML, CSV, and PDF files, but not as Word or HTML files.
Memory Usage: if you choose to purchase the Webtrends software and host it yourself, you will find that the tools and features take up a lot of physical memory on your servers.


Frequently Asked Questions about Webtrends

“What kind of tech support does Webtrends offer?”

You can access free support 24/7 through the online Self Help center, which contains FAQs, how-to articles, software-specific documentation, and user forums. But to speak with a tech support agent on the phone, by email, or through online chat, you’ll have to purchase one of their support packages: Essential Care or Premium Care.

“Does Webtrends have a customer service phone number?”

Yes. You can call 877-932-8736 for Customer Service. The line is available Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm EST.

“Is there a refund or money-back guarantee? “

When you sign a contract with Webtrends, you are allowed to terminate the contract within 30 days via written notice for any reason.

“Does Webtrends offer an app for iPhone or Android?”

No. Webtrends does not currently offer a mobile app version of its services. However, its site is mobile optimized and easy to access through your phone, tablet, or mobile device.

“Can I use Webtrends to get data about my own apps?”

Yes. Webtrends offers a Mobile Analytics tool that can provide you detailed metrics about how your customers are engaging with your app.

“Can I use Webtrends to get data about my social media accounts?”

Yes. Webtrends offers a Social Analytics tool that can connect to your social media accounts and track meaningful data.

“Is this a software or a hosted service?”

Both. You can purchase the Webtrends software and host it yourself or you can access Webtrends through an “on demand” web portal.

“Does Webtrends work with international clients?”

Yes. Webtrends has many international clients and operates support centers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.



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About the Company

Headquartered in Portland, OR, Webtrends has been in operation since 1993 and is widely recognized as a pioneer in the web analytics industry. Webtrends distinguished themselves from their competitors early on by focusing more on customers than web content, using the data they collected about customer behavior to inform how websites should look and operate to maximize productivity.




Final Recommendation

Despite being around for 20+ years, Webtrends has remained relevant by keeping their focus on customer identity and behavior, and providing tools and features that extract the most useful actionable data possible from digital content and campaigns. However, Webtrends cannot compete with the ease, accessibility, and cost-efficiency offered by many of its competitors. For these reasons, I give Webtrends a 4 out of 5 editor rating.